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How to bridge the gap between us?

The first brochure, published by Living for Tomorrow, was composed by 15-17 years old youngsters from Estonian and Russian schools. The brochure does not have answers, authors tried to show positions of young men and women, give practical information about safe sex, etc. This brochure also contains a dictionary in three languages: Russian, Estonian and English.

Authors: Eva Melliste, Ann Bõkova, Jaanus Samma, Nadja Zapolskaja, Piret Kartus, Reili Reintal, Anna Bogatõrjova, Maru Metspalu, Kaili Niilus, Ave Teeääre, Dagni Tehvan, Margus Maido. 

Publishers: Jill Lewis, Sirle Blumberg, Lee Murrand, Julia Shamarina

Designer: Advertising agency HUNT, pictures Navitrolla.

Support: Nordic Gender Institute

Published: 2000

Publication belongs to NGO Living for Tomorrow.

Publication is no longer available.