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Human Trafficking Prevention and Victim Assistance Hotline +372 6607 320 Service

The Hotline informs people of the opportunities, conditions, rules and risks of work, study and marriage abroad. Additionally, the Hotline provides assistance for the victims of human trafficking and their relatives, regardless of gender, nationality or religion.

The Service is free of charge and available for everyone (including foreigners):
  • legal advice on employment contracts (if necessary, also assistance in composing written statements and applications);
  • consequences of illegal/unreported employment;
  • advice for people going to work or study abroad;
  • conditions of entry to the Member States of the European Union and other countries for citizens of Estonia, persons with undetermined citizenship and foreigners residing in Estonia;
  • how to avoid being trafficked;
  • contacts of non-governmental organisations abroad that provide concrete help, assistance and counselling for victims of trafficking;
  • contacts of government and non-governmental organisations which are engaged in prevention of human trafficking in Estonia;
  • legislation of other countries concerning foreigners, migrants and trafficking in human beings;
  • referral to the available services for victims of human trafficking in Estonia.
When to contact us?
  • if you want to go to work, study or travel abroad and would like to do it safely;
  • if you have any questions or doubts concerning a job offer;
  • if you are staying abroad and, at the same time, think that your rights are being violated: you suspect labour or sexual exploitation;
  • if you have encountered trafficking in human beings;
  • if you have already returned to your home country and would like to report your case.
How to contact us?
  • You can call us on +372 6607 320 during workdays (Mon-Fri) from 10:00 to 18:00 (at other times you can leave a message and we will call you back);
  • It is also possible to reach us by email: or Skype service: living.for.tomorrow1;
  • We provide consultations in Estonian, Russian and English;
  • We guarantee anonymity and confidentiality.
... be brave and contact us.

NB!!! We do not cooperate with any private employment agencies, and do not refer to their services! Private employment companies declaring cooperation with the Hotline are deceiving their potential clients.

Since October 2004 NGO Living for Tomorrow has been offering Human Trafficking Prevention and Victim Assistance Hotline +372 6607 320 Service.

In 2016 – 2018 the Hotline Service is supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia.
In 2013 – 2015 the Hotline Service +372 6607 320 was supported by Norway Grants in the frame of the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 and the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia.
During 2006 – 2013 the Service was supported provided by the Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia.
In 2004 and 2005 the Service was supported by the Embassy of the United States and the Embassy of the Netherlands in Estonia.