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About us

NGO Living for Tomorrow (reg. 80107048) was founded on August 17, 1999. The organisation was created by people looking for ways to transform Sexual Health Education and Human Trafficking prevention: engage gender-sensitive active learning, make it inclusive, acceptable, interesting and comprehensible.

Our objectives:
  • To acknowledge and communicate the existence of gender issues, associations and attitudes in social, cultural and health terms;
  • To prevent HIV/AIDS and other STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections);
  • To prevent human trafficking and provide victim assistance;
  • To facilitate understanding between different ethnic groups and assist their integration into Estonian society.

Our Activities include:
  • Interactive sexual health education workshops for youth and adults;
  • HIV/AIDS, STIs and drug abuse prevention;
  • Human trafficking prevention among vulnerable population groups;
  • Youth initiatives support and counselling;
  • Conducting researches and carrying out pilot projects.

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